Commercial Flat Roofing

Low-Slope and Flat Roofing in St Louis MO

We have certified installers for all of your commercial roofing needs. We specialize in flat roofing, while offering a wide range of services. From TPO systems (Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin) to Modified Bitumen, we are experts in our field. We only use the best GAF products to cater to your specific needs and expectations. Click to view samples of our work.
FM Roofing has been installing and maintaining low slope and commercial flat roofs since 2008. We understand that a quality roof is vital to the integrity of the building, which in turn is vital to your business.

The first step in knowing if you need a new flat roof for your home or building is to call us for a
FREE roof inspection. It is recommended that a roof be inspected twice every year.

We'll inspect your
commercial flat roof to ensure there are no leaks, damaged surfaces or sealants, black streaks, sagging spots, weak spots, vegetation growing on the roof, ice dams, hail damage, etc. If we discover any areas of concern we will provide the solution.

We only use quality products. When it comes to low-slope and flat roof products,
GAF is the industry leader. Systems we support include asphaltic modified bitumen or build-up roof (rubber / tar / coal / gravel), liquid applied (hydro-stop), and single ply (TPO / PVC). We'll walk you through the differences and which product is best for your situation.

Contact us today for a free inspection and protect what protects you from the elements.
Asphaltic Roofing Systems
Liquid Applied Roofing Systems
PVC Roofing Systems
TPO Roofing Systems

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Trust FM Roofing for all of your roofing, storm damage repair, and renovation needs and we will deliver the best quality workmanship and products for your home. With us, we aim to provide the best experience possible.