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Signs of Trouble Inside Your Home?

Discoloration or cracks in ceilings and moisture or water in your attic should tell you to get a professional inspection in a hurry. There are some steps you can take today that will help you avoid a disaster later.

Take a Look from the Ground

Wind, hail, rainstorms and snow can wreak havoc on a roof, but in many cases, the problems start before the storm. The constant summer sun is hard on your roof. That extreme heat, combined with weather that can change from sunny and 85 degrees to cloudy and cold the next day puts stress on your roof, and can cause shingles to shrink or even crack.

• Spot any missing or cracked shingles
• Look for separation, your shingles should never raise or flap
• Pay close attention to the flashing at angles at places where two peaks, or two surfaces meet to form a valley. meet and flashing or seams (chimneys, skylights, vents)
• Separation, cracking, and missing shingles call for professional attention.

Don’t Ignore the Trees

Tree limbs falling on your home because of rot or storm damage cause obvious problems. BUT there’s more to think about with trees.
Trees can provide easy access to your home for squirrels and other critters. Squirrels look for nooks, overhangs, or loose soffit that they can turn into a quiet place to hide. They might even decide to take up residence for the winter. We do believe these critters should have a place to live, but not if it means chewing and clawing holes in your house.


Leaves aren’t the only things falling from trees. Trees drop small branches and all sorts of debris that can clog your gutters throughout the year. If there is debris reducing your gutters ability to drain, the overflow can run down the side of your home, pool at the foundation and create cracks, seepage and leaks. It can also cause water to flow up towards the roof, under your shingles, causing the wood below to rot.

• Trim branches or shrubs around your roof and the exterior of your home.
• Clear away shrubs or landscaping that could interfere with drainage from any downspouts.
• Keep an eye out for any sign of clogged gutters and get them cleaned regularly.




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