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At FM Roofing, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with top-level residential & commercial roofing services. This includes the ability to save on electric bills to keep your space cool in these hot St Louis MO summers. We believe in complete project management and dedicated workmanship from beginning to end. The products we install are of outstanding quality and are guaranteed to last. Click to view samples of our work.
Lower your utility bills - While your utility bill depends on many factors, from variable rates to severe weather, your solar system can help maximize your energy savings without changing your lifestyle—and it starts paying for itself on day one.

Use Solar - Take control of your monthly utility bill by using solar energy when rates vary throughout the day. Time-Based Control mode for your Powerwall helps you automatically use less energy from the grid during peak hours when electricity is the most expensive.

Earn Credit - During the day, your solar system may generate more energy than you need. Send your excess energy to the grid for a credit on your utility bill and take advantage of Net Energy Metering with your utility.

Pay Less - You can pay for your system over time. Make the switch to clean solar energy and maximize your savings this summer.

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